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The Quattro Team ABM guys sit down with rider Mason Law

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ML5 Cadwell Podium

 An interview with Mason Law


After a very successful weekend at Cadwell Park for Round 8 of the Dickies British Supersport and British GP2 series, The ABM guys sat down with Mason to find out a little more from the young lad from Essex.
ABM: Mason, how did you get into Motorcycles and the racing scene?
ML: I actually got into racing through my dad, Graham. He was introduced to motorcycles by his father so it’s been in the family for a while. It was all dirt bike stuff and I still remember my first time on a Yamaha PW50.
ABM: What were your initial thoughts on joining the team and how do you find working with them?
ML: My initial thoughts on joining the team were good. The team consists of a mature group of people that also bring a real nice relaxed attitude whilst still entertaining a family like affair. This makes my job a lot easier when it comes to improving and progressing with this project. We are still in the process of working out our strategy but we are making some great inroads.
ABM: How does the GP2 bike compare to the World and British Supersport bikes you have ridden before?
ML: GP2 isn’t a million miles away from my previous experiences at both World and British Supersport. I feel like this is down to the ABM’s characteristics and the versatility of the machine.  The Quattro Team ABM Triumph 675 seems to be working very well around circuits that it typically shouldn’t suit, however when we get to the open circuits it’s really allowed me to stretch its legs. We are still in the process of developing the bike to get more from the machine and make it more like the current GP bikes.
ABM: Does it inspire you knowing you’re on a totally British built motorcycle? Is there any extra incentive to do well because of this?
ML: As far as inspiration goes, I’m inspired by the ability to go and win. The British built Quattro Team ABM bike has proved that it’s capable of that. The hunger for the next one inspires me.
ABM: Finally Mason, What are your targets for the rest of 2019?  
ML: My Targets for the remainder of the season are to just keep the ball rolling. We need to keep up the level of development the team have already been doing but also we want to keep chasing those gold pots and the top step of the podium.
 A massive thank you to Charlie Monk at Associated British Motorcycles, and to Mason Law for this interview. Keep up to date with all of our racing progress via our social media channels.

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