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Championship winning credentials

If you have come across our name before then it is likely you have seen or heard of the highly acclaimed Triumph Triple Challenge, a one make series - an official support class to the British Superbike Championship, managed by T3 Racing for some eight years. During this period T3 also managed a Supersport EVO and Cup team, taking both riders to a British Championship win. 
We competed at the I.O.M TT in the Supersport race (top Triumph), and can boast that none of our bikes have failed to finish a race due to mechanical failure.  All this is down to our preparation, knowledge and attention to detail.

Triumph Triple Challenge Race Series (2008-2015)

T3 Racing are most often credited with creating and running the Triumph Triple Challenge (TTC). This became one of the most successful one make racing championships to feature within the British Superbike calendar.

As a result of the relationship with the manufacturer T3 Racing was appointed Triumph UK's official Performance  Parts Centre in early 2012, supplying all of Triumph's race and OE parts to the racing community in the UK and abroad.

Running a championship for 30+ riders a year teaches you a lot about what works and what doesn't. Enough to win us the Championship at our first attempt and two more subsequently.

M2-11 (2014-2016) Prototype

ABM GP2 (2019) Ready to Race

When the Triumph Triple Challenge came to an end in 2015, we wanted to continue investing in young talent and the sport that we love so much, we also knew exactly what we wanted to do next.

And so was born the T3R, code named M2-11; a light-weight, Moto2-style motorcycle that would bring a fresh form of racing to UK shores. One that would create an affordable prototype racing series with cost control regulations. This would give young riders the opportunity to experience the complexities of a prototype chassis and teach them the art of setting-up and racing Moto2-style machines here in the UK, all the time creating a window for Moto2 team managers to view rising talent from the UK and Europe.

The bike incorporates all of the adjust-ability of a prototype Grand Prix Moto2 chassis.  Weighing just 153 KG (wet weight) the chassis utilises a 675cc triple engine making 128bhp at the rear wheel, all using little more than a stock engine. This incredibly cost effective package results in very low maintenance and will be surprisingly inexpensive compared with current racing budgets.



British Motorcycle manufacturer, ABM, used the recent Oulton Park Bennetts British Superbike round to unveil its radical new GP2 machine; the first 765cc Triumph powered machine outside of the Moto2 paddock. The track-only machine features a host of high-end carbon products, including front forks and rear sprocket.


We enjoyed a successful 2019 season in the British GP2 Championship with Mason Law, where we have scored two victories and eight podiums and finishing second in the GP2 Championship.  ABM are already looking to the future with their all-new Moto2 inspired project. Powered by the new Triumph 765cc three-cylinder engine, ABM’s new machine is the first Moto2 style machine outside of the Grand Prix paddock to feature the powerhouse and is packed with a host of cutting-edge technology.