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Gemini Naked

We are proud to present the first of ABM’s line up in the form of the Gemini
Naked. The first of the Gemini Twins, this bike seeks to bring the ‘Café Racer’ theme into the realms of a real Sports bike. Sleek, high spec and with state-of-the-art geometry and suspension, the Gemini Naked pulls on the heartstrings of the heady days of the 60s & 70s and yet still sits head and shoulders above the best that modern-day sports bikes can offer.

The Naked is the first of our limited-edition bikes and we hope will hold the title of the prettiest and most powerful road-based triple ever made.  
The starting point of any of our bikes is its beating heart, the engine.

Using their years of experience in tuning triples our sister company T3 Performance have cast their wizardry over this motor to produce an incredibly visceral engine that will wake your body and soul like an early morning sub-zero shower. 

The slightest touch of the throttle commands your respect as this growling triple launches you into a blur of speed and thrills, all backed up by new levels of razor-sharp handling. Lighter, faster and with increased stopping power, these bikes serve only to bring you to new levels of riding confidence, and all accompanied by the unmistakable rhythm of its unique triple soundtrack.