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ABM GP2 (675cc)

In 2014 we began the design and build of a fully British built Moto 2 bike.  It was our belief that our chances of having a British rider winning Moto GP, could only be improved if they were exposed to the technicalities of a fully adjustable chassis as early in their racing career as possible. In 2017 with Alastair Seeley at the helm, our bike took on the task of showing itself to be competitive in the British Supersport class against very established teams and bike.  The bike went on to win many races that season and was the catalyst for a brand new class at BSB called GP2. The rest is history. 


Fancy turning your 675 bike in to a fully fledged GP2 bike (Moto2) , then look no further. Within our shop section you will find the options to purchase a complete turn-key bike or a specific component you are looking for that can be fitted directly to your Daytona 675.  Not sure where to start, just call us for more information.