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It is possible to tune an engine without going inside it (Non intrusive) although the gains are not as significant as invasive tuning.

Tailoring your air/fuel map is a great way to start, given that the factory based ones are fairly poor is comparison to a custom one.  The end result is a much smoother and responsive throttle action. 
The other good reason for having your bike mapped is if you have changed your exhaust from standard.  Exhausts can be expensive and you are unlikely to be getting the best from it unless you have had the bike mapped to match it.

  • Air Fuel Mapping, engine to exhaust
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Significant difference in throttle response.
  • Good Power Increase
  • Often done in a day

Prices start from £199.99

Give us a call to discuss it on 01732 886 479.