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Performance Dyno Tuning

Performance Dyno Tuning


Our in-house Dyno Tuning Service allows you to make an accurate diagnosis of how your bike is fuelling.

How it fuels is vitally important and when it's right it transforms the bike. No more snatchy throttles, poor idle or fluffy-ness on pull-away.  The whole bike feels tighter, more responsive and more fun to ride. If you've tuned you're engine a full custom map is essential.

If you want an inexpensive performance upgrade, it doesn't get better than this! 

Mapping takes around 3 hours, if the bike is problematic and runs over the 3 hours allotted we charge £50 per hour on top. There is also additional costs should you require an ECU Flash or Fuel Module. These items arent included in the dyno price. 

Please note that some models can have custom maps written straight to the ECU, others require a Power-Commander or Bazzaz Fuel Module, please call for more information. 01732 886505 or email


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