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Diagnostic Dyno run & 10% off GB Racing products

Diagnostic Dyno run & 10% off GB Racing products

Do you know how your bike is fuelling?

  • Is it running lean, risking damaging the internals without you knowing?
  • Is it running rich, wasting expensive fuel and losing potential power?
  • Does your bike make the power is supposed to? 

A diagnostic dyno run would tell you exactly how your bike is fuelling throughout the rev range. Bikes from the factory often have fuelled maps designed to pass emissions regulations, not to have your bike perform at it's peak potential. This can leave the bike being inefficiently fuelled, which will cause damage to the engine's internals over time.

After arriving you bike will be taken to our Dyno room to perform a number of warm up runs until the engine is up to temperature. It will then be given a full power run which will be recorded, explained and a print out of the results given to you when collecting your bike.

Can be done while you wait

10% off GB Racing products with a Diagnostic Dyno run. These can also be fitted while you wait.

Call 01732 886505 to book.