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Need an Engine refresh or a full service?


Nothing makes such a difference to an engine that is in stock format.  Inside your motor are a number of consumable items to include Cam Chain, Main Bearing Shells, Big End Bearing Shells, Valve Seats and many more. A full engine refresh will bring your motor back to virtually new condition and give it a completely new lease of life.  Its cheaper than a new bike and if you want to add a little performance along the way is very cost effective compared to a new bike.

Regardless of make or model you can experience the feeling of a new bike simply by letting us give her an all over refresh.  

  • Engine refresh includes full replacement of all consumable parts and reconditioning of existing ones
  • Bike refresh include full 12,00 mile service and and a thorough overall of all those items that get forgotten about or neglected. (Brakes, cables, fluids, bearings and above all a good clean)

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