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Engine Tuning + Dyno testing

People often assume that tuning is just for race bikes, they also assume it means changing bits inside the engine for higher performance ones, the reality is quite different.

Intrusive tuning is were you would go inside the engine and make a series of changes, sometimes parts, more often refining tolerances. This type of tuning produces big gains in performance and if done correctly is both reliable and has a minimum effect on engine life.

  • Cylinder head tuning
  • Camshaft Profiling
  • Blue Printing
  • Compression
  • Lightening

Prices start at £900.00

It is also possible to tune an engine without going inside it (Non intrusive) although the gains are not as significant as above.

Tailoring your air/fuel map is a great way to start given that the factory based ones are fairly poor is comparison to a custom one.

People often waste money on nice exhausts systems that use maps provided by the manufacturer or given by someone on the internet, rarely do these work as no two bikes are the same, ever!  Nice healthy gains are made here and you will be shocked at the difference in the way your bike responds.

  • Air Fuel Mapping to engine and exhaust
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Significant difference in throttle response.
  • Good Power Increase
  • Often done in a day

Prices start from £199.99

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