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Welcome to the T3 Racing Online Shop

T3 Racing are most often credited with racing, whilst we certainly have excelled in this arena with the creation of the 'Triumph Triple Challenge' race series, winning engines for the Manx Senior GP, highest finishing Triumph at the IOM TT and three British Supersport Cup/EVO Championships and all without a single engine failure to our name, this is not where our talent ends.

All this race experience has taught us a lot, but one thing stands above all.
Every manufactured bike is generic, we often believe that when we get our new bike it is the best it can be, but it's not, we then attempt to personalise our bikes with a myriad of aftermarket parts which in reality are as generic as the ones we took off.  

The real art is to make the bike yours, to set it up for your style of riding, to bring the performance of the engine up to your skill level and finally to tailor it to your usage.  Once complete you have YOUR bike, it will suit no one else but it will impress many and probably become the one bike you never sell.

So before you go and part ex your bike for the latest & greatest consider the above, simply because for a fraction of the cost you can have the bike you have always wanted..... you just need to make it yours and we can show you how.