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PFM Moto2 Spec Brake Kit

As used on our MOTO 2 project for its outstanding feedback and stopping power.

"I've used most types of brakes and these are the only ones I have used where I have needed to go down to one finger braking because they are so good"
Alastair Seeley 21 time winner of the NW200 and Quattro Spirit MOTO 2 Pilot.

Stunning controllable brake performance for the rider who must have the best...

When used with appropriate pads, ductile iron outperforms all other ferrous disc materials and makes modulating the brake pressure applied at the lever, to achieve maximum deceleration required, much more achievable for all riders, not just professional racers. BUT it should be noted that when unused for long periods or during rain, iron discs will assume a brown/rust coloured finish on the swept area until re-used.

This is merely a characteristic of iron - if you feel you can't live with this then PFM have developed a high-grade Stainless Steel option that provides virtually the performance of the Ductile Iron rotor that will not oxidise on the swept area.

PFM Complete SBK Six-Piston Caliper High-Performance Brake Upgrade Kit, with Narrow Pad-Track 320mm Discs, Pads & Goodridge Brake Lines

Full brake conversion kit as used by many top teams to dominate the TT and other UK road races.

This kit offers awesome stopping power, a progressive feel combined with a reduction in unsprung weight and gyroscopic effect, to aid quicker steering.

For absolute ease of fitting the kit is tailored for the bikes it fits and the caliper piston diameters are optimised for the perfect leverage ratio to operate with the standard master cylinder.

Available for both radial and conventional mount fitments.

Kit comprises of:

- Two patented 320mm narrow pad track 'buttonless' iron discs (iron or stainless)
- Two six-piston CNC-machined calipers
- Two sets of pads
- A set of Goodridge brake lines, banjo bolts & washers

Available for both radial and conventional mount fitments.

Please note when ordering this product we will require details of your Bike's Make, Model and Year.  Please complete this information in the 'Add a note to your order' which you will find in the 'Your Cart' section of the site.


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