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Tune Your Engine


Fancy a new bike, but a bit loathed to except the low trade in and added credit/cost of a new one?  There is another way.

Transform your bike by selecting one of the options below, safe in the knowledge that your bike will take on a new lease of life and you wont be compromising reliability.   These various stages of modification only alter the cylinder head and add bundles of power, turning your bike into one of the quickest road or race bikes you have ever ridden.  If your bike is a keeper, then give her a new lease of life and get excited about riding again.

Just a simple blue print can add significant power, it will take a Triumph 675 to a reliable 130 BHP, a Thruxton Twin to 80, a Honda Fireblade to 180+ or a 1050 Speed Triple to 160 BHP, all at the rear wheel.  Works on all other makes and capacity of bikes just as well.

Below you will find three stages of tune, we recommend you dont go above stage two for road bikes.


  • Remove your own engine or have us do it for you.
  • Head Skim
  • Refresh
  • Valve cut
  • New Stem seals and Head Gasket (Stock or Kit)
  • Cams

Please note that the above options will vary depending upon state of tune chosen, cost will also vary upon model chosen.  The cost quoted are worst case scenario.

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